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About Moo-Haven


Moo-Haven Horse Rescue


Moo-Haven is a small non-profit organisation based in Nottinghamshire, run by a small but dedicated family. Moo-Haven was founded in 2007 when an otherwise healthy horse, our Monty, was found to have serious medical problems that previous owners had not identified or treated. Sadly Monty could not be saved, but Moo-Haven is his legacy.


Our Mission


Moo-Haven takes in needy horses who, through no fault of their own, haven't got the loving homes and owners they deserve. The horses currently in our care have been neglected and sometimes abused, or tossed aside and abandoned without a care. Our rescue horses are given the best possible care and treatment, with the hope that they'll one day make a great companion for a rider and enjoy the love they didn't have before. This is why we desperately need donations from other horse lovers, to give our rescue horses the futures they deserve.